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Prescribing Information

Product Therapeutic Area
Adakveo Oncology
Afinitor Oncology
Aimovig NeuroScience
Argatroban Oncology
Arranon Oncology
Arzerra Oncology
Azopt Ophthalmology
Beovu Ophthalmology
Coartem Infectious Disease
Cosentyx Inflammatory Disease
Desferal Oncology
Diovan Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Diovan HCT Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Durezol Ophthalmology
Entresto Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Erelzi Sandoz
Exelon NeuroScience
Exelon Patch NeuroScience
Exforge Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Exforge HCT Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Exjade Oncology
Extavia Multiple Sclerosis
Femara Oncology
Focalin NeuroScience
Focalin XR NeuroScience
Gilenya Multiple Sclerosis
Glatopa Sandoz
Gleevec Oncology
Hycamtin capsule Oncology
Hycamtin injection Oncology
Hydroxychloroquine Sandoz
Ilaris Inflammatory Disease
Ilevro Ophthalmology
Jadenu Oncology
Kesimpta NeuroScience
Kisqali Oncology
Kymriah Oncology
Lescol Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Lescol XL Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Lotrel Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Lutathera Oncology
Mayzent Multiple Sclerosis
Mekinist Oncology
Moxeza Ophthalmology
Myfortic Transplant
Neoral Transplant
Omnipred Ophthalmology
Omnitrope Sandoz
Pataday Ophthalmology
Pazeo Ophthalmology
Piqray Oncology
Promacta Oncology
Reclast Bone Health
Ritalin NeuroScience
Ritalin LA NeuroScience
Ritalin SR NeuroScience
Rydapt Oncology
Sandimmune Transplant
Sandostatin Oncology
Sandostatin LAR Depot Oncology
Simbrinza Ophthalmology
Simulect Transplant
Starlix Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Symjepi Sandoz
Tafinlar Oncology
Tasigna Oncology
Tegretol NeuroScience
Tegretol Suspension NeuroScience
Tegretol-XR NeuroScience
Tobradex Ophthalmology
Travatan Z Ophthalmology
Treprostinil Injection Sandoz
Trileptal NeuroScience
Trileptal Suspension NeuroScience
Tykerb Oncology
Vigamox Ophthalmology
Vivelle-Dot Woman's Health
Votrient Oncology
Xiidra Ophthalmology
Xolair Respiratory
Zarxio Sandoz
Ziextenzo Sandoz
Zofran injection Oncology
Zofran oral formulations Oncology
Zometa Oncology
Zortress Transplant
Zykadia Oncology